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About us

The Lázzaro concept

Your web platform, good, beautiful and cheap
about us

About us

Magical joints

If you have some time, grab a coffee and start reading our adventure.

Lázzaro has emerged from those magical moments when incredible people come together around "that something that needs to change" that unites them. 

That "something" that stirred us up inside, in our case, was transparency in the world of donations. From different situations, all the founders had had contacts with the social world in which we saw "areas for improvement".

Likewise, all the founders were related to something magical that was "technology" and with our eagerness to guarantee transparency to donations in a technological way, we made the first version of Lázzaro; our fundraising platform based on BlockChain technology.

Of course, the story does not end there

Light so as not to stumble

Let's be non-conformist

Our fundraising platform, it gave us a lot of joy (and a lot of headaches) and the truth is that we are very fond of it (although it is no longer our platonic love).

With her we won prizes, we travelled, we rethought paradigms, we had a good time and above all we helped and learned a lot, but the relationship had run its course.

We were faced with a greater challenge than transparency...

A major challenge...

How were we going to make digital transactions transparent if small organisations did not do digital transactions?
OMG, us digital natives! , most organisations (SMEs, NGOs, freelancers, research groups...) did not use digital as a source of income, how was it possible with all the magic of technology and the possibilities it offers?

Because they do other things, and those other things (their business, their help, their research...) they will do incredibly well and they will know a lot about it, but they are not specialists in the digital sphere.

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And then, well, good riddance...

The digital challenge and the human-tech magic

At Lázzaro, we are not looking for every organisation to become a digital specialist. Rather, we want them to focus on what they are good at and enhance it digitally. They should not miss opportunities because "there are too many tools" or because "it's too complicated".

It was then that we developed the concept of "microplatforms", a tool with everything an organisation could need to generate digital revenue but in the most human way.

A tool that was easy to use and that included the accompaniment of experts to help you achieve these objectives and, of course, all of this good, beautiful and cheap.

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