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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Lázzaro. If you still have questions you can always contact the team.

Lazzaro is an all-in-one software with all the tools an organisation may need to generate digital revenue.

Thanks to the magic of technology and a special follow-up of each client, in a few minutes you will have your own personalised platform: website, CRM, fundraising, event organisation and much more!

If you have any questions, you can ask for a personalised consultationhere.

No problem at all! Unlike other software, Lázzaro wants to make things easy, very easy. That's why from the beginning, it has been created to be intuitive and easy to understand: large print and simple processes when configuring your platform.

We know that this and everything else is sometimes not enough, which is why you can also count on continuous personalised assistance from charming people (not robots) who are more than willing to solve any challenge you may have.

Last but not least, in order to help you, we have clear documentation that in your language and the blog, where we upload articles that may be of interest to you.

Yes, totally free, the only bad thing is that it only lasts for 15 days. After that time you will have to choose another plan to continue using your website. Magic isn't free, we have to feed the computers 😉

Currently available in English and Spanish

Yes, you can choose your favourite colours and images to give your website a unique touch.

Yes, we recommend that you create your microplatform and integrate it into a website in a "collaborate" button or something like that.

Yes, with a few simple steps you can set up your own domain name..

Yes, you can easily export all kinds of data about your donations, partners, contributions, events and so on.

We use blockchain technology in two different ways:

1. We store on the BlockChain the information of all donations made through our platforms. This information is stored in a Smart Contract and NO ONE can delete or alter the stored information, that is why we do not store personal data of users and organisations on the Blockchain. A user identifier, organisation identifier, date and amount of the donation is stored. This way anyone could access this information and verify all donations that have been made through our system.

2. We use the tokenization of regulated electronic money. This allows us to offer users to pay from the platform through their bank account either by transfer or by card payment as any current online payment system. With this system we can introduce in the blockchain real money (euros) thus having smart money and fully traceable. All payments made on our platforms (crowdfunding, events, marketplace, etc) are traceable in the Alastria network and immutable. This money can be given intelligence through SmartContracts, which is another of the company's technological strategies.

What are the benefits compared to other services?

The main benefit compared to other services is the transparency, security and traceability that this technology gives us.

Any traditional centralised system would not be able to ensure data tampering and the information would be governed by a single entity that would have full control over it. On the other hand, no other payment system that does not use BlockChain can offer the secure data immutability that blockchain technology provides.

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