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How to make a good design for your digital content without being a designer and without dying in the attempt

Hooray, there's life beyond the omnipresent Photoshop, put your ear to the ground and listen, NGOs! Today we are going to present you a very top Top of seductive applications that can help you to succeed in the digital world and improve your presence in networks. And on top of that, won't require you to dig deep into your pockets because they are free (although with limitations, you won't get everything for free, hey).

Once you try them out and get the most out of them, they will become essential to make you shine on the web.

We have selected and tested five of them. They are very complete and will allow you to make amazing and magical designs without having any notion of any other editing tools. You will be able to make cool infographics or create amazing images for your social networks.

And by the way, with each tool, we have designed in no time an illustration in which we have used Lazzaro's color and typographic style (where we could). Format for social networks (Facebook header, to be more precise). Let's see if you like them.

And let's break it down a bit!

free pocket design


The best known. It is very versatile. It will please both professional designers and amateurs. Here you will find templates for social networks, magazine or book covers, ideal material for your posts or blogs, infographics ... come on, everything. Even headers for your emails, amazing resume designs and even powerpoint presentations for your webinars and conferences.

There are an infinite number of other utilities. The best thing to do is to take a look at it and see what you like or are interested in.


It lags behind CANVA. It has 20,000 cool, pre-designed templates. And you can work in teams!


It says in his presentation "how to do graphic design on line without being a graphic designer". It is a good business card and could be generalized for all other applications.

It is just like CANVA. But of course, you will find different templates. You can use your corporate colors but the fonts are the ones that the program has.

artic save


Here apart from graphics, you will be able to retouch photos, something that CANVA lacks. It has a wide variety of predefined filters with some parameters are adjustable. But the free version is quite limited. The basic functions (like cropping, resizing...) are there but if you want more, you will have to go through the paid platform. The same goes for fonts and colors. 


This collaborative visual communication tool is in English and compared to the ones before, it does not have many templates, 800 "nothing more".

In the Lite version, when downloading the design, the application's branding will appear at the bottom.

And in general, in all of them you can use all kinds of graphics or photographs from their image bank or upload your own, add texts, captions, titles, with a variety of fonts (if you do not find the right one, you can upload it from your device) and access to illustrations and cool vectors. You can also choose the desired colors, apart from the predefined ones, and use your corporate colors.

In all cases, when downloading your designs, the format will vary depending on whether you are in the trial or premium version. But even in the free version, it will be more than enough for your web designs.

Along with the web version (to work online or download to your device), there is also the smartphone version.

There are many more(FOTOR, to edit photos and make incredible collages, SNAPPA...) but without a doubt the message that the existence of all of them gives us is that it is not necessary to have deep knowledge of a complicated application to create digital content for your platforms.

Come on, try some!

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